Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio Token and Medal Society
Welcome to the IKO-TAMS web site. IKO-TAMS (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio - Token and Medal Society) was founded in September, 1978, to promote the collecting and researching of all types of exonumia, and to provide a forum for members to interact with one another. Our early years were primarily focused on the tri-state region from which we take our name. Subsequently, members joining from many states have resulted in a broader focus for our group.

We hold regional meetings each year, with each meeting consisting of a short business meeting in addition to the "fun stuff". There is also an annual two day token and medal show extravaganza which includes a popular mail/bid board auction in addition to the customary buying, selling, and trading activities enjoyed by collectors and dealers some of whom have traveled long distances.

The long awaited second edition of "Indiana Trade Tokens" compiled by Kevin M. Grant and edited by Ron Vore is now available. The format is soft cover, spiral bound, containing a 276 page computer listing with 9,121 entries current as of November 2013. Added features are a 19 page "Town Token Raity" guide; a 66 page "Merchant Issurers" roster; and a five page itemization of "Indiana Ingle Issures." --- Note: The Wagaman listings of 1981 ARE NOT included.

Also available is a 2015 reprint of the 1981 "Indiana Trade Tokens" by Lloyd Wagaman. The original manuscript was word processed by Kevin M. Grant in 8.5" x 11" format. Also soft cover and spiral bound, it is 203 pages with the original maverick index and an expaned numbering system.

How to Order: Send check or money order to - IKO-TAMS, P.O. Box 372, Miamisburg, OH 45343

Grant's 2nd Edition: $25 the book, $6 shipping and postage, $31 total postage paid in the U.S.

Wagaman's Reprint: $25 the book, $6 shipping and postage, $31 total postage paid in the U.S.

Note: $7 total postage if ordering both books (no postage if books are picked up at Oct. show)

The price of the 2nd edition has been reduced as a concession to the purchasers for the fact that the reproduction process could not completely duplicate the entry numbers as on Grant's originals. A supplemental page number/catalog number range chrat (low to high number) for each page, is included with the book. This allows the reader to insert the full catalogue number.

The 2023 IKO Fall show will be Friday, October 13, 9AM to 5PM and Saturday, October 14, 9AM to 3PM at the American Legion Hall, 200 W National Rd, Englewood, OH.
Bourse Chairman Thad Hill [email protected]; tables $50 each.
Terry Stahurski will conduct the auction at 12:30 Saturday.

Show Announcement

American Legion #707 Banquet Hall, 200 West National Road (US 40), Engelwood, Ohio, 45322.

The IKO-TAMS Bulletin is our quarterly newsletter which binds us together with news of the society, exonumia articles, maverick token listings, classified ads and more. Members are entitled to the placement of a free ad. You may read the most recent IKO-TAMS Bulletin by clicking here. Please note that the Bulletin requires Adobe Reader, available here.

In the past, IKO-TAMS has published the catalog of Indiana Trade Tokens by Lloyd Wagaman, and the first and second editions of Ohio Merchant Tokens by Gaylor Lipscomb. Both of these authors were founders of our group and played a large role in our success. In the future we plan to publish an updated Indiana book and possibly one for Kentucky. Only the Ohio book is still avaiable for purchase. You may download a PDF copy of the maverick book here.

Questions? Please feel free to email Paul Cunningham at [email protected]